Trailblazer Walks Extended

We are delighted to share our Trailblazer walks have been extended to the end of of the year in partnership with the National Forest.

Here are the dates. Join us! All welcome with an emphasis on women and girls.

These walks take place across the National Forest in Leicestershire.

Sunday 24th March at Martinshaw Wood  – Blossoms of Renewal: Celebrate the arrival of spring. Discuss growth, change, and the beauty of blooming despite challenges.

Saturday 27th April at Moira FurnaceEarth Appreciation: Coincide with Earth Day. Focus on connecting with the environment, discussing sustainability, and the impact of nature on overall wellbeing.

Saturday 18 May at Bradgate Park.  Motherhood and Nurturing: Highlight the significance of motherhood, whether as a biological mother, caregiver, or nurturer. Discuss balance and self-care for women in these roles.

Sunday 23rd June at Beacon Hill Country Park. Radiant Energy: Explore the vibrant energy of summer. Engage in activities that invigorate the body and mind.

Sunday 28th July – Cultural Connections: Celebrate South Asian heritage and culture. Share stories, traditions, and how they intersect with nature and wellbeing.

Sunday 25th August – Abundant Harvest: Reflect on abundance, both in nature and in life. Discuss gratitude for the harvest season and the rewards of hard work.

Sunday 22nd September – Transition and Balance: As autumn approaches, discuss finding balance during times of change. Explore the concept of steadiness and ease.

Sunday 20th October – Inner Harmony: Lead a walk focused on meditation and inner peace. Explore techniques to find harmony amidst life’s demands.

Sunday 24th November – Gratitude Gathering: Encourage participants to appreciate the beauty of the forest, the changing seasons, and the blessings in their lives.

Sunday 15th December – Embrace the serene beauty of winter. Guide participants through mindfulness exercises and encourage them to find peace in the stillness of the forest.

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