Empowering Dreams: South Asian Female Football Taster Inspires Confidence in Young Girls

In a world where sports have the power to break barriers and empower individuals, a recent South Asian Female Football Taster we held with the support of a grant from the Barclays Community Football Fund and Community Fund being delivered in partnership with Sported,  has emerged as a beacon of inspiration for girls aged 11-18.

Held under the guidance of a passionate South Asian football coach, Preeti Shokar of The Women’s Football Academy, this event was more than just a showcase of athletic skills; it became a platform for nurturing self-esteem and confidence in young girls.

Breaking Stereotypes:
In many South Asian communities, traditional gender roles have often limited opportunities for girls in sports. However, the tide is turning, and events like the South Asian Female Football Taster are breaking down stereotypes and challenging societal norms.

The football field becomes a canvas where girls can paint their dreams, showcasing their abilities and passion for the sport.

The Power of Representation:
A key highlight of the event was the presence of a South Asian female football coach. Representation matters, and having a role model who shares a similar cultural background can significantly impact a young girl’s perception of what is achievable.

The coach not only provided expert guidance on football skills but also served as a living example of the possibilities that lie ahead.

Building Self-Esteem through Sport:
Engaging in sports has proven benefits for mental health and well-being. The South Asian Female Football Taster offered a safe space for girls to explore their physical abilities, develop teamwork skills, and boost their self-esteem.

The positive atmosphere on the field fostered a sense of belonging and encouraged the girls to step out of their comfort zones, contributing to their personal growth.

Confidence on and off the Field:
As the girls honed their football skills, the impact on their confidence was palpable. Beyond the game, the lessons learned on the field translated into everyday life. The girls discovered the power of perseverance, learned to embrace challenges, and gained the confidence to navigate the complexities of adolescence.

The South Asian Female Football Taster became a catalyst for personal development, instilling a belief in the girls that they can achieve anything they set their minds to.

Amber, 13 years old said  “Participating in the football taster session was a game-changer! I never thought sports could be this much fun and empowering.Thank you, Rising Together, for showing us that we can be strong, confident, and skilled on the field. Can’t wait for the next one!”

Amrita, 15 years old said “Being a part of this session with Rising Together was incredible! I learned more than just football skills; I learned the importance of teamwork and believing in myself. Grateful for this experience!”

The South Asian Female Football Taster stands as a testament to the transformative power of sports in empowering young girls. Beyond the athletic skills developed, the event became a catalyst for building self-esteem, confidence, and resilience.

By breaking down stereotypes and providing positive role models, initiatives like these pave the way for a more inclusive and empowered future for South Asian girls in the world of sports.


We were delighted to have been awarded a grant from the Barclays Community Football Fund, being delivered in partnership with Sported to arrange this session for South Asian girls! The Barclays Community Football Fund offers grants, training and support resources to help reduce inequalities in the participation of football.

The fund supports local organisations (like ours) supporting young people from under-represented groups to start or keep playing! 



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